NI-Experten mit kreativen und innovativen Lösungsansätzen

In addition to our interdisciplinary experience, we are distinguished above all by our agile, flexible and personal streak. This always keeps an eye on customer needs and pursues creative and innovative solutions.

Matthias Kubli

Managing Director

For more than 12 years I have been working in the field of production and automation with processes around software development and software testing. Good quality is the most important predicate of a software. And it can only be achieved with a methodically structured approach, properly trained people and a good dose of automation.

Other success factors include honest and open communication, strong discipline, a keen interest in new things, the courage to be creative and to question existing structures.

I try to bring all these qualities into every project in order to always find the best solution. I am happy to support our customers from the first idea to the implementation.

Roger Wey

Managing Director

What I enjoy most are enthusiastic customers and high-quality products. I love to solve problems with innovative ideas and to help customers move forward. I enjoy training and coaching employees just as much as I enjoy developing automated measurement, inspection and test systems and managing such projects – from the initial idea to the final solution.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of inspection and production systems as well as quality assurance in various industries, I can draw on a wealth of experience. As a system architect and software developer (CLA), project manager in an international environment and technical product manager in the medical industry, I have an excellent understanding of the needs of the various stakeholders and can therefore offer targeted added value.

And what if things don’t go the way they should? Then I bite into the sour troubleshooting apple. It’s tough and requires a well-structured approach, but once the causes have been identified and the problems solved, I enjoy the sight of beaming customer eyes. No matter how many stones are in the way, there is only one thing that counts: the customer must be able to produce his products with quality and inspire his end customers. For this I gladly accept challenges.

Peter Scarfe

LabVIEW Architect

After studying mechatronics in Australia and subsequently obtaining a PhD in the field of algorithms for machine learning, I have focused the last 10 years on software development using the LabVIEW programming language for automation and SCADA projects in the educational and industrial sectors. For much of this time I was a senior project engineer at ETH Zurich, where I designed and supervised the system integration and control systems for several experimental physics projects at the university.

My approach to problem solving is a research and optimization approach. If there is a better way, I do my best to find such a solution. After years of software development for various projects, this approach has led me to develop my own LabVIEW framework, Workers™, which enables the fast and flexible development of large multi-process LabVIEW applications.

For this reason we are your first address for LabVIEW and TestStand

Numerous customers from various industries trust us as certified instructors and experienced National Instruments experts as well as Alliance Partners in the field of LabVIEW and TestStand software. In addition, our customers especially rely on these quality features:

Direct and personal support
Creative and innovative problem-solving approaches
High agility and flexibility
Interdisciplinary experience
Technical and economic know-how
Comprehensive management, technology and process consulting

When may we help you to develop more efficiency and joy in testing? We look forward to your call or e-mail.

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